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Moo Magic Marinade & Tenderizer

Moo Magic Marinade & Tenderizer

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Moo Magic Marinade, is the ultimate culinary secret to elevate your steaks to a whole new level. Packed in a convenient 1-pound resealable package, this marinade is designed to bring a big beefy flavor with a hint of smoke straight to your taste buds. Crafted with the perfect mix of salt and spices, it guarantees to tantalize your senses and leave you craving more.

Made with the highest quality ingredients, Moo Magic Marinade is flawlessly blended to tenderize your beef without compromising its texture. It's no wonder this award-winning marinade has earned over 1000 top 10s and hundreds of 1st place walks, including 7 perfect scores.

Directions: Mix 1/4 cup of Moo Magic Marinade with 12 to 16 ounces of your favorite liquid, ensuring a thorough blend. Let your steak marinate for up to an hour, allowing the flavors to penetrate and enhance every juicy bite.

Marinade 1/4 cup 12-16oz desired Liquid
Injection Add 1 Tbsp w/ preferred Injection recipe
Brisket Wrap  Add 1/8 oz w/ preferred wrap recipe


But why stop at steaks? This versatile marinade adds a burst of flavor to your culinary creations. Add 1/8 scoop to your brisket wrap or injection for an extra flavor kick, or sprinkle a tablespoon into your chilis and stews for a delightful twist. Don't hesitate to try it on pork and chicken too!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

Great stuff ive ordered it before did not like that it took 2 weeks to get to me

Kevin Peterson
Simply the best

Moo Magic is hands down the best and all we use.


Certified winner

Chris Flanders
Moo Magic is mesmerizing

Not only is Moo magic a great steak marinade, but we also add it in all of our injections and brines for that extra pop, do yourself a favor and grab yours today

James Smith
Best there is

Not only does it tenderize, but it punches flavor back in the meat!