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Moo Magic Marinade & Tenderizer Case (6ct)

Moo Magic Marinade & Tenderizer Case (6ct)

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This marinade has already made a name for itself in the SCA with 780+ top 10s and over 80 1st-place walks (Plus 2 Perfect Scores). Pick up the “Magic” and treat yourself to one of the best marinades in the world. The award-winning marinade is blended with a big beef flavor, a hint of smoke, and the perfect mix of salt and spice flavors that take your meat to flavor town. Moo Magic is the easiest way to tenderize your steak without worrying about your texture, mix ¼ cup to 10.5 – 16oz of liquid and marinate for up to an hour. You can use the Moo as a dry marinade or add a few TBLS to your next meal as a flavor booster.

Want to use it as a brisket wrap? 1/4 cup Moo Magic, 10oz Beef Consume, 10oz Purified Water, and 1tbls of your favorite beef rub. Mix well and add to your to you wrap or use it as a basting liquid.

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