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What is Flaps 20 Anyway?

In 2017, two Coast Guard veterans, Jeff and Travis, found themselves working late nights on the hangar deck in the HC144 shop. Amidst these late-night conversations, a brilliant idea was born - to combine their passion for BBQ and aviation into a line of small-batch sauces and rubs. Thus, Flaps 20 Sauce and Rubs was born, a testament to their military background and love for great food.

The name "Flaps 20" holds a deep aviation significance, symbolizing the transition to retirement and the enjoyment of family, friends, and delicious food. Having spent years listening for the call "Flaps 20, ready for landing," the duo now channels their expertise into crafting exquisite flavors for all to enjoy.

Travis Patterson, the new owner of the company since early 2021, is not your typical businessman. With a rich background in aviation safety and maintenance management, he's taken the company to new heights, blending his expertise with an unexpected passion for BBQ. Drawing from 7 years of dominating BBQ competitions, he's rebranded the products and crafted new, award-winning flavors. Their journey from the hangar deck to small business success is a true testament to their dedication and the values instilled during their time in the Coast Guard. What was once Flaps 20 Sauce and Rub has now blossomed into a family-owned and operated business, with products flying off the shelves across the US, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Awesome bio!! Late to the game, we just started getting SCA events up here in WA state a few yrs ago. I’m a MS transplant 21 yrs ago. I’m a veteran from the 172nd AW MSANG out of Jackson. Can’t wait to hear my # with your marinade👍. .. any rub tips would be appreciated appreciated 😁

Doug Canada

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