What is Flaps 20 Anyway?

What is Flaps 20 Anyway?

You see we were just 2 Coast Guard guys working nights on the hangar deck in the HC144 shop. Long nights lead to some great conversations and in early 2017 one of these random talks became the idea. We were just a couple of military guys with BBQ in their veins and aviation in their hearts!

Jeff and myself turned these small conversations into reality, jumping into the exciting world of small business and shared their master craft of small-batch sauces and rubs with the world!

So What's with the Name? Flaps are installed on aircraft wings and change the shape of wing which allows for greater lift at slower speeds as the plane prepares for landing. For 20+ years we sat in the back of aircraft listening for that call knowing" Flaps 20, ready for landing "was the call for almost home. Now it’s time to lower our "Flaps to 20" right into retirement where they can continue to enjoy family, friends, and great food through the adventures and successes of Flaps 20 Sauces and Rubs.

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Awesome bio!! Late to the game, we just started getting SCA events up here in WA state a few yrs ago. I’m a MS transplant 21 yrs ago. I’m a veteran from the 172nd AW MSANG out of Jackson. Can’t wait to hear my # with your marinade👍. .. any rub tips would be appreciated appreciated 😁

Doug Canada

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