Steakhouse in your backyard - Flaps 20 Sauce and Rub

Steakhouse in your backyard

Your Family, Friend and neighbors will invite themselves over for dinner as we put the steak house right in your backyard. Our award winning steak combo will take your next cookout to "11". 

Ask your local butcher for 2 fresh cut Prime Ribeyes 1 ? thick trimmed. Mix ¼ Cup Moo Magic with 12 oz Beef Broth or Stock, using a gallon size plastic bag fully submerge steaks and refrigerate for 30 mins. Remove steak and pat dry with a paper towel, then brush lightly with Allegro Original. Apply a medium dusting of Griller, let set for 2-3 minutes to sweat out and the flavor will penetrate the meat to give it that great Salt Pepper Garlic taste. Then lightly dust the steak with Thriller, this will give it that nice red color and a pop of beefy spice, if you like it a little hotter use a little more. Let rest in the refrigerator while you prepare the grill.

Set up your grill for direct heat cooking, ideally you want to achieve grill grate temps between 560° to 630°. Grill Grates are perfect for this but any standard grate will work. Remove streaks from the fridge, I always like to cook cooler steaks, around 65° IT, I feel as if they cook more evenly and hold their shape better when placing them on the grill. Plus we are cooking hot so a warmer steak will reach doneness quicker, I like for my temp to come up a little slower. Spray first side of steak with Olive Oil, (do not brush on as it will remove the seasoning) Then place it gently on the grill and set a timer for Minute and 30 seconds, when the timer goes off rotate the steak 90 degrees and restart timer. After the timer goes off remove the steak from the grill, spray the uncooked side and flip repeating the same steps above rotating the steak after 1:30. Remove steak after the last turn and place on a raiser, if you don't have one you can make a foil pouch and place the steak in. We want to slowly get the steak to temp, looking for 137° to 143° internal temperature for a medium steak. Once you hit temp remove from grill and let rest for 8 minutes. Serve with bacon wrapped asparagus and season pan roasted new potatoes and enjoy.

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